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Are we on the long road to a Single European Identity?

The most frequent question I ever get asked about wallets is "What are the Large Scale Pilots really all about?", and often I myself need to take a moment's pause to refresh my own mind as to what is going on!

For those of you whose eyes glaze over at any EU (or any government) technical websites, you can find all of the up-to-date European Commission explanations at:

I recommend it as a great place to start and it is in simple English too!

(Also, a very, very high level short video from the EU can be seen at: and a good illustrative use case from GLASS-H2020 can be found at: ).

The plan is that the the European Commission will supply a 'toolbox' of approved components for the Large Scale Pilot consortia to use and embelish as they wish so that they can build specified use-cases. This is to ensure a pretty standardised version of the EU wallet and to theoretically make interoperability between the pilots easier. This toolbox will be supplied by Scytales. ( This puts a big responsibility on their heads to deliver on time and fit-for-purpose.

It is helped by the Architecture Reference Framework, which is supposed to be a high level guide to how all the pieces and different entities interwork. It is only on version 1.1. but the latest official version can be found at:

There are plenty of big holes in this so expect newer versions to cover issues such as delegation, charging, and multiple technical items.


To try and resolve some of the issues for the Large Scale Pilots, the Global Trust Foundation ( will be hosting the EU Digital Identity Wallet Forum at the Spielfelds Digital Hub in Berlin, Germany. It wil be a very open type of physical event. Every attendee will be able to participate in the agenda creation & debate on it, and the call for topics is open now! Please return submissions by 4th October.

The location is:

October 18th 2023 - Physical Meeting

Hosted at Spielfelds Digital Hub, Berlin

Suggested topics for debate include:

Large Scale Pilots

Use cases & real life implementation

Travel & payment

Organisational Digital Identity

Interoperability & EBSI


Timelines: How far away are Digital Wallets from mass utilization?

Messaging to citizens: ‘‘What is actually an eWallet and why do I need it?’’

Perception: Should there be specific privacy principles for Digital Wallets?

Acceptability: Can we achieve the inclusivity that we need for Digital Wallets?

Regulation and Ecosystem

Will complexity kill the European Digital Wallet?

Limitations: What are the chances and limits of Type 1 and Type 2 Digital Wallets?

Financing: Who`s paying for it and how can that be achieved technically?

Risk: How would liability be handled, especially with Governments providing evidence?


Changes that are still needed for the Architectural Reference Framework.

Interoperability: How can we ensure an open market, transferability/interoperability?

Would the eWallet always be decentralised and why it should be?

Leading parties from the German market.

Is there a battle ‘‘for middle IDearth’’?

I look forward to seeing many of you there!!


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