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In 2018, ID2020 Alliance Partners, working in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), drafted a formal articulation of our perspective on ethical approaches to digital identity. The landmark ID2020 Alliance Manifesto lays out these shared principles and forms a starting point to guide the future of digital identity globally.

Jon spoke at the Launch event at the UN Assembly in New York in 2016 

Member of the Advocacy Board



YAKSHA will build an ecosystem of partners around its solutions that will contribute to enhancing cybersecurity skills in Europe and creating new positions for cybersecurity specialists in ASEAN. Moreover, the direct access to the important ASEAN market will positively impact the competitiveness of European security industry. The YAKSHA software solution will be validated in real-world pilot projects in both EU and ASEAN, initially focusing on Vietnam and Greece, and with plans to expand the deployments to other countries.

Member of Advisory Board



KONFIDO is a H2020 project, that aims to leverage proven tools and procedures, as well as novel approaches and cutting edge technology, in view of creating a scalable and holistic paradigm for secure inner- and cross-border exchange, storage and overall handling of healthcare data in a legal and ethical way both at national and European levels.

Member of Advisory Board



The main goal of the ARIES Identity Ecosystem is to provide new technologies, processes and security features that ensure highest levels of quality in secure credentials for highly secure and privacy-respecting physical and virtual identity management with the specific aim to tangibly achieve a reduction in levels of identity fraud, theft, wrong identity and associated crimes and to create a decisive competitive advantage for Europe at a global level..

Member of Advisory Board



LEPS enable existing certified e-Delivery, e-Notifications and remote e-Signature services in the private sector to use the pan-european elD infrastructure for cross-border electronic identification and authentication, while complying with elDAS specifications and rules. Member states are Greece and Spain.

Member of the Industry Monitoring Group.Advisory Board


Trust in Digital Life

TDL’s mission is to create a trusted ecosystem that protects data and assets of citizens and enterprises through which industry can provide innovative and trustworthy ICT products and solutions across Europe.


Member of Advisory Board 2012-2015

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