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The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security, is working for the EU Institutions and Member States. ENISA is the EU’s response to the cyber security issues of the European Union. As such, it is the 'pace-setter' for Information Security in Europe, and a centre of expertise.


Member of two small expert groups contracted to advice on Cybersecurity standards coordination and eIDAS Trust Services coordination with outputs as recommendations to the European Commission on its future strategy



The role of the eIDAS regulation is to boost TRUST and CONVENIENCE in secure and seamless cross-border electronic transactions by promoting the widespread use and uptake of electronic identification and trust services.


Contracted Facilitator on behalf of DG-CONNECT
Ministerial Workshop on eID, in Poznan Poland. Outcome was ministerial recommendations which became the fundamental components of eIDAS.eIDAS legislation (Trust Services



EEMA is the leading independent, not for profit, European Think Tank including topics on identification, authentication, privacy, interoperability, cyber security, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, mobile applications and information Security.

Chairman of Board 2014-2022

Recipient of 2009 EEMA Fellowship Award for Services to European Identity


Office of the PM, Israel

Advisor to the Prime Minister's Office (Biometrics Commissioner) of a digitally advanced non-EU state on strategy for establishing a mobile national eID for the entire population. Advice includes overall strategy, policy, scheme dynamics and liaisons with prospective Identity Service Providers (IDPs). Conducted Best Practice workshop for internal and external IDPs.

Ongoing engagement commenced 2015



Nets specialises in managing digital values through delivery of strategic consulting and IT solutions, particularly in payments. They connect businesses, the public sector and consumers via an international network, which facilitates the exchange of digital payments, identity and information. Solutions include payment services to many households in Norway and Denmark and more than 7.8 million digital identities have been issued.


Long-term retained consultancy assisting in internationalising toe e-Services offerings.


International Telecommunications Union

The Study Groups of ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) assemble experts from around the world to develop international standards known as ITU-T Recommendations which act as defining elements in the global infrastructure of information and communication technologies (ICTs).


Co-Chair ITU-T SG17 JCA IDM 2011-2013

Responsible for coordinating relationships between other SDOs and ITU-T.

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