E J Consultants offers a range of services to help you understand Identity, Trust and Cybersecurity. From a once-off consultancy, to a retained role embedded within your own teams, to workshop facilitation, to technology leadership, E J Consultants can provide you with a 360 degree vision




Both tactical and programme level consultancy on technical issues such as identity, privacy and cyber-security. Able to conceive vision, provide a CTO role, project coordination, or strategic advice.


E.J Consultants has an in-depth understanding of Public Key Infrastructure, authentication, authorisation, attributes, and well as  identity verification and enrolment.

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Strong business advisory and planning on sustainability and exploitation of projects and technologies both at tactical and strategic levels. 


From developing business plans to helping to build an  understanding of the economics of Security, Trust and Privacy,  EJ Consultants can aid your organisation.

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Dissemination and Communication are at the core of the best projects and concepts. Delivering vision and ideas, and fundamentals to all levels of audience from users to C Level and governments. Whether concepts or full solutions, E J Consultants can increase awareness with stakeholders across Europe by helping create collateral and marketing aids, as well as presenting at conferences and exhibitions. 


Horizon 2020 Management

​E J Consultants can assist in  coordination for EU  H2020 proposals and projects, through the project lifecycle from conception to proposal win, to final project close. Sustainability after project completion can also be managed.  


The CTO role can be undertaken bringing a common vision to partners and stakeholders and ensuring excellence, impact and successful implementation.

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Trust and Identity Training

Ensuring that all stakeholders and individual team members have a common understanding of important concepts in Trust and identity is an essential prerequisite to efficiency and success. 

​E J Consultants can assist by providing training to all sizes of groups and at any level. 

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